hacking the united nations.
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can't help starting a new blog with "hello, world" :)

(((hello, world)))

this blog is provisional - i've been working for months on a new, multilingual, wonderfully integrated and animated personal website, but didn't finish it on time. however, i feel a duty of transparency as a civil society member of the WGIG. thus i have decided that i will start blogging here and now, about my adventure in the world of internet governance and the united nations.

and no, before you misinterpret the title, a hacker is not a criminal, and i do not commit crimes. a hacker in the proper meaning of the word is someone who likes to understand how things work, so to be able to bend and reuse them for a different purpose that suits his/her personal ethics. a hacker will sometimes disobey the law, but only to access the necessary information or as a form of political protest.

a hacker is not a terrorist. a hacker is not an anarchist. a hacker is not a fundamentalist of any theory (open source included). a hacker is just curious, and likes to make the world better for himself and the others.